Archives: 24/12/2019

Slug pellets banned (Metaldehyde)

Metaldehyde (slug pellet) and drinking water report

“In England, pesticides are the biggest reason surface drinking water protected areas are rated “at risk” of not meeting their objectives (for 122 out of total 486 drinking water areas); metaldehyde, found in molluscicide used in farming, is the primary cause of exceedances (EA, 2015a). Metaldehyde is a highly soluble, organic compound commonly used in

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Slugzilla Podcast #1

Many customers have asked us “how did Slugzilla come to be and how did three unlikely chaps in a shed do this”.  To answer this question Slugzilla has decided in a world exclusive to interview the “three blokes in a shed”. (Click to access podcast)

Introducing The World’s First Dual Slug Deterrent & Organic Fertiliser

Slugzilla is taking the British back garden by storm! It’s unlikely ingredient of Hebridean Seaweed is a horticultural phenomenon. The bio-stimulating properties of the seaweed, combined with other naturally deterring ingredients produce the only dual fertiliser/deterrent in the gardening market. After introducing Slugzilla to her allotment last year, SGAA 0029 says that, ‘Overall I have

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