Slugzilla is taking the British back garden by storm! It’s unlikely ingredient of Hebridean Seaweed is a horticultural phenomenon. The bio-stimulating properties of the seaweed, combined with other naturally deterring ingredients produce the only dual fertiliser/deterrent in the gardening market. After introducing Slugzilla to her allotment last year, SGAA 0029 says that, ‘Overall I have been very impressed with Slugzilla, …and I am pleased that my produce is looking better than last year’. 

All this might be very well, but does it work? The plain answer is yes, it absolutely does. Slugzilla have tried and tested their concentrate through sophisticated lab trials, field trials and also employed the expertise of a network of keen gardeners, biologists, and horticulturalists.  Now, they believe they have the cracked the optimum formula for your organic garden. But don’t just take their word for it…try it! 

One extra benefit of Slugzilla is that it is safe for wildlife and our water system. Contrastingly, Metaldehyde slug pellets are poisonous and worryingly, the levels in our drinking water are rising dangerously. SGAA 0010 confirmed that effect of Slugzilla is definitely ‘positive and better for the environment and our long-term health’. 

On a similar note, the environmental impact of growing the main ingredient-seaweed- is also positive! It is grown in salt water, occurs naturally and actually benefits the land and micro-ecosystem to be farmed in this responsible and sustainable way, off the coast of the Hebrides.

In conclusion Slugzilla is an ‘excellent product with dual benefits in being an effective slug repellent and fertiliser and also totally organic’ (SGAA 0027). Slugzilla has previously been successfully sold at a local Sustainability Centre and Organic Micro-Farm Tuppeny Barn, and can now be found online. So if you are looking for the perfect aide to accompany your organic garden vegetables and keep the pests at bay, or perhaps you want an “out of the box” gift for a fellow grower, Slugzilla is ideal. 

Abigail J Lane