At Slugzilla we are always keen to receive feedback from satisfied customers.
“I bought your product a while ago and I am glad that I did. Been using it on a weekly basis and found it to be working. I have noticed slugs on the base of pots and slime trails on the compost, but I am glad to say that the new growth has not been touched and neither has my plants in the garden. I wanted to see the benefits of your product after a considerable amount of rain. Pleased to say that happened yesterday and last night. Observed no damage to plants whatsoever and saw that slugs and snails had packed their bags and moved into a neighbours garden because they were starving. I will certainly recommend your product to friends and family and reorder when the time comes to do so. Brilliant product very happy to have come across it.” (Terry from Falmouth)
Our three men in a shed and resident biologist would be pleased to learn that our months of research and design into a natural, wet weather slugzilla formulation is proving its worth.