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What is Slugzilla®?

Slugzilla® the world’s first and only dual organic slug deterrent and fertiliser. It’s made from liquid seaweed and natural compounds that provide both plant nutrition and pest deterrence. Its organic ingredients make it 100% pet and wildlife friendly.

What's it made from?

Magic! And Hebridean Seaweed, farmed sustainably in the pristine Scottish seas off the island of Harris. This wonderful sea-plant is the base of Slugzilla®, along with a blend of scrupulously sourced plant extracts makes for an optimum dual formula for your garden. 

How was it made?

Slugzilla® is formulated and bottled by experts at our facility in Scotland using custom-made technology and rigorous quality control. The bottles of Slugzilla® are then dispatched to a selection of specialist horticultural outlets who share our passion for natural solutions for a healthy crop and healthy environment.

 During manufacture, every effort is made to reduce our carbon footprint and our packaging is currently fully recyclable.

How does it work?

We studied slugs to understand their strengths, weaknesses and habits. As marine biologists we also studied macroalgae (seaweeds) to understand their value as plant stimulants which can be combined with slug repellent plant extracts . Knowing this we developed a formula combining all of these elements using specialist equipment to create a user friendly liquid formula. So those slugs won’t like the taste, but your plants will.

Who are we?

We’re a couple of marine biologists, horticulturalists and environmental enthusiasts. We explore the environment in diverse geographic locations, studying ecological habitats to identify useful natural plant extracts.

Our network of keen gardeners, scientists, geographers and allotment growers provide useful intelligence and observations about the successes of Slugzilla and what we can improve on.