Metaldehyde Ban 31 March 2022

Slugzilla are please to support the Metaldehyde ban This is the final season for metaldehyde before the ban comes in to force on 31 Mar 22 and 2020 is a good year to try an all-natural combined slug deterrent and plant bio stimulant.  Slugzilla is a super concentrate made from natural Hebridean seaweed extract that

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Slug pellets banned (Metaldehyde)

Metaldehyde (slug pellet) and drinking water report

“In England, pesticides are the biggest reason surface drinking water protected areas are rated “at risk” of not meeting their objectives (for 122 out of total 486 drinking water areas); metaldehyde, found in molluscicide used in farming, is the primary cause of exceedances (EA, 2015a). Metaldehyde is a highly soluble, organic compound commonly used in

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