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Metaldehyde Ban 31 March 2022

Slugzilla are please to support the Metaldehyde ban This is the final season for metaldehyde before the ban comes in to force on 31 Mar 22 and 2020 is a good year to try an all-natural combined slug deterrent and plant bio stimulant.  Slugzilla is a super concentrate made from natural Hebridean seaweed extract that

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Protecting bees

Help protect bees by keeping your garden pesticide free.

Gardening during COVID-19

Gardening is strongly encouraged by the Slugzilla team this spring.  Not only does is provide fresh, healthy produce for your kitchen, it is also good physical exercise, psychologically uplifting and a great learning experience for children.  If you are giving gardening a go this spring Slugzilla encourages pesticide free, wildlife safe, sustainable pest control to

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“Slug it out” with Anglian Water

Slugzilla commend the Anglian Water “Slug it Out” campaign, working with farmers to reduce pesticide loading in water. “Slug it Out is part of Anglian Water’s way of working. The campaign is aimed at reducing the levels of the slug control pesticide Metaldehyde in our region’s waters before they reach our treatment works.”