Slugzilla is the world’s first and only dual slug / snail deterrent and fertiliser.

100% Organic, made from the highest quality ingredients sustainably grown and responsibly sourced.

  • Eco-friendly slug deterrent
  • Natural plant bio-stimulant
  • Sustainably sourced, British-grown ingredients
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Contains Hebridean Seaweed! The most effective and sustainable two-in-one solution to your gardening needs.

Provides vital nutrients and naturally occurring plant stimulants to keep your garden healthy minus the synthetic fertiliser. Safe for pets and wildlife AND keeps the slugs at bay…without disturbing the micro-ecosystem on your doorstep. 

Why does it work?

We studied slugs to understand their strengths, weaknesses and habits. As marine biologists we also studied macroalgae (seaweeds) to understand their value as plant stimulants which can be combined with slug repellent plant extracts . Knowing this we developed a formula combining all of these elements using specialist equipment to create a user friendly liquid formula.. So those slugs won’t like the taste, but your plants will. 🐌

How to use

Mix the concentrated formula with water (the ratio is written on the bottle) then cover the vulnerable plants with the solution. If it rains, make sure you re-apply. Click here for detailed instructions.

Please note: Slugzilla will remain effective up to one year from date of purchase-after which time the same results cannot be guaranteed. 

Although made from natural ingredients, Slugzilla is not intended for human consumption. Do not drink. 

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