Our Story

We noticed the dangerous rising levels of metaldehyde in our drinking water, due to the use of slug pellets, and wanted to find a responsible alternative to killing a pest that actually has a crucial role in nature. 

Metaldehyde slug pellets are also responsible for killing our hedgehogs, shrews and birds – so this is something we really wanted to address.

As scientists, we decided to look to our back gardens for the answers! Fortunately, our back gardens look out onto the beautiful Scottish Highlands and Hebridean Sea – which is where we discovered the value of Hebridean seaweed!

We took the seaweed and experimented with other natural slug-deterring ingredients to create the perfect garden recipe that nourishes and protects. After 2 years of intensive scientific research and lab/field trials and we successfully created the optimum formula.

Now, Slugzilla is used all over the UK by many happy gardeners and growers, who guard their gardens and feed their fresh veg with our world-first innovation.